All Key Lost Situation Solution for Keyless System (KESSY) MQB

Required equipment

  • SPVG formerly SuperVAG
  • Current subscription


  • Skoda (MQB)
  • VW (MQB)
  • Audi A3 (MQB)


  • use this procedure when all keys are lost, vehicles MQB KESSY


  • Before you start the procedure please note, that you make any intervention to the car at your own risk.
  • The whole procedure have to do experienced responsible person or service.


  • Force tool ignition (a device to fasten clip 15 together via OBD2)
  • Measuring tip with cable 0,5 meter long through electrical fuse 5A, ended with Crocodile clip
  • Dealer Key (bought from a dealer in advance in authorized service according to the VIN)!
  • Credits for PIN calculation ONLINE with program SPVG.


  1. When you have a car with the KESSY ignition system and lost all keys, you cannot start the ignition and program the keys. You need to start the ignition directly.
  2. Dismantle the engine control unit from the car for easy access to the connectors of the control unit.

  3. Make the connector „K” available from the engine control unit.
  4. Takedown the top cover on the cabling to the connector „K” from the engine control unit
  5. Connect the measuring tip on the top side of the connector to the pin, so it is touching the backside of the pin in the connector. (Wiring list is here)
  6. Now connect again both connectors to the engine control unit.
  7. Connect the Crocodile clip to the positive pole of the accumulator, the dashboard has to light on.
  8. Prepare the device Force tool ignition and connect it to the OBD socket. before turning on the force tool, dealer key is correctly near the reading coil.
  9. Now start the SPVG KEY.
  10. Choose the correct model.
  11. Use function „Get PIN using online calculation (CREDIT)“. Wait for 10 to 15 minutes for the calculation to finish.
  12. Now click on the „Get PIN from history (cloud)”. SPVG will load the PIN and component security and save them to your computer (you donť need to remember it).
  13. Now we can move to the key programming. Use the „Key learning” function.
  14. Insert a number of the keys: „1″ (if you have more keys, insert the quantity).
  15. Insert Key to the reading coil and continue according to the SPVG program.
  16. On the dashboard have to be „0-1” (if you insert the different quantity of the keys, the second number will be different).
  17. If the key is correctly near the reading coil, the program will save the key to the memory. (You can find the correct procedure on
  18. Now is on the dashboard „1-1” (if you insert the different quantity of the keys, continue according to the program instruction).
  19. Now you successfully program the key (or keys) and the ignition will work.
  20. If the car says key is not recognized, and the ignition is possible to start only by key near the reading coil, repeat the key learning procedure (points 13.-.19.).
    NOTE 1: During the key learning is possible that the dashboard will turn off. You can turn it on by open a close the door or by flashing high beams.
    NOTE 2: If you have one dealer key from authorized service, you can prepare more keys with transponder programmer ADE, Miraclone, or VVDI.