List of control units and their connection
for application note: All Key Lost Situation Solution
for Keyless System (KESSY) MQB


  • SPVG formerly SuperVAG
  • Current subscription

Car models

  • Skoda (MQB)
  • Volkswagen (MQB)
  • Audi A3 (MQB)


  • this procedure is for the situation when all keys are lost, vehicles MQB KESSY


  • Before you start the procedure please note, that you make any intervention to the car at your own risk.
  • The whole procedure have to do experienced responsible person or service.


  • Some engine control units can have varied connection for waking up the car.
  • When there is All Key Lost situation with KESSY start, there is not possible to start the ignition and learn the keys. It is necessary to start the ignition directly.
  • You can find below which engine control unit which PIN connect the positive power supply.

Connection of the engine control units

  • EDC17C74 – Connector „K” pin 50 (black – violet cabel).
  • EDC17C64 – Connector „K” pin 87 (black – violet cabel).
  • DIESEL DCM6.2V – Connector „K” pin 87 (black – violet cabel).

⦁ BENZIN MED17.5.21 – Connector „K” pin 87 (black – violet cabel).