Open site link and select type of adapter. Download link spvgsystems.com
Select the language and click on the arrow to download the installation file
Click on download
Click on download anyway

Wait for the file to download
Click on keep
Click on keep anyway
Open the file
More info
Run anyway
Accept the agreement and next
Click on install
Click on finish 
Click here for configuration.
We connect the USB cable to the PC and to the adapter (not to the vehicle).
In the case of Windows 10, we proceed according to the instructions below.
In the case of Windows 11, we proceed (only when pairing bluetooth), according to the link here: https://spvg-wiki.com/novinky/postup-parovani-bluetooth-ve-windows-11/ and then we can return to the instructions below.
Click on bluetooth and other device settings.
Add bluetooth or other device
Click on bluetooth
Select your adapter 
Enter pin 1234 and connect
Register or login 
Click on all and configure
Successfully configured and ready to go.

Configuration problems and their solutions