Key learning with KESSY button for MQB vehicles

Modules used

  • SPVG formerly SuperVAG
  • Version of the 2020.5.1 program

Vehicle types

  • MQB vehicles


  • For learning the new KESSY keys on MQB vehicles


  • The vehicle must be connected to a charger.
  • The vehicle must have a fully functional ignition on / off button.
  • The vehicle must be free of defects in the key learning component.
  • If the panel is turn off, open and close the door to turn on the panel.
  • Pressing the ignition on button instructs the vehicle to learn the key.


  • The procedure is only for a specific case, in other cases the procedure may differ.


  • Start the convenient function „Read transponder data”. If the function does not read the data, use the function „Detect unknown PIN by calculating CREDIT, ONLINE”. Data is saved automatically.
  • Start the convenient „key learning” function.
  • Enter the number of learning keys 2 (all others will be forgotten).
  • Attach the function key to the reading coil and confirm by clicking OK.
  • Key mode 0-2 is displayed on the panel instead of TRIP, KM. If the key is correctly applied to the coil, the Key mode automatically switches to 1-2. If the panel is still 0-2. The key is in the wrong position. How to attach the key correctly here.
  • Replace the first key with the second and press the ignition switch. Pressing the button instructs the vehicle to start searching for a new key. When the button is pressed, the ignition is switched off but the key learning continues. Once the key is in the correct position, 2-2 will be displayed on the panel.
  • Switch on the ignition and continue the program by clicking OK.
  • The key learning mode will end and TRIP, KM must be displayed again on the panel after the ignition is switched off and on.
  • Switch off the ignition and test whether the remote controls and the kessy system work on all keys. If necessary, repeat the procedure.
  • Key learning is complete.