Learning of remote control SEAT Ibiza (6K)


On remotes with transponder TP48 is letter W (remotes with transponder TP5 fixed codes is without it).

Learning of the remote control(s)

  1. Turn ignition ON for max. 5 seconds with remote you want to be learned.
  2. Pull the key from the ignition.
  3. In the time of 20 seconds press the button OPEN, hold it pressed and 3 times press the button CLOSE..
  4. Release button OPEN and check the remote control lamp if it blinks 5 times.
  5. If the signal from remote control is accepted the central lock locks and unlocks the car and turn signals flashes.
  6. If you want to add more remotes, just repeat steps 3-4 within next 20 seconds (for every remote).
  7. Central lock confirms learning of remot either by locking or unlocking the car (depending on the state of central lock).
  8. If the process is sucessfully ended, all remotes used before are erased from the memory. It means that all remotes need to be learned at once.