Run the downloaded installation file
After reading the license agreement, we agree to the terms and click next
We select where to create a shortcut during installation and click next
We click Next
We proceed by clicking on “Install”
We will wait until the installation is finished
We click finish
SPVG X will start on our desktop and we can configure the adapter
We connect the adapter to the computer using a USB cable. The adapter lights up green and the red diode flashes.
Open the start menu and search for “Bluetooth Settings”
We click on add device
we select bluetooth
We will wait for the device named SPVGxxxxx (X will be your adapter number) and we will select this device.
Enter pin 1234 and click connect
The device is successfully paired and we click done
We can see the device among other devices
The bluetooth setup is fine and we can finish the setup.
We open the loader again and click on configuration.
We will wait for the adapter to be found.
We will fill in the user data Email and your password. 
We will wait for the login
We will wait for the adapter to be registered
We select the type of communication we want to configure, recommended ALL, and click Configure.
Wait for the firmware to be written (the adapter will beep during writing).
Wait for the adapter configuration to complete
We will see the result of the configuration. We click on close.
Successfully configured and ready to go.

Configuration problems and their solutions